I’m not sure I have a finite answer to this question.

I truly believe in transfer of risk to others.

As a youngster, the only reason I was willing to look at insurance and transfer of risk was because of my father.  He was in the insurance and financial planning industry so he really understood money and wealth accumulation.  He taught me what I know today and for that I thank him.

Most families don’t have a dad like I had.  No one to teach them what I was taught because today’s dad has trouble looing beyond the blinders of day to day life.  By the time they realize they needed to do something, it’s already too late and the family suffers.  Don’t let it be too late for you.

Every generation wants better for the next.  My parents et me on that path early in life.  I in turn set my children on that path early on as well.  My parents left me better off than themselves and I will leave my children better off than me.  It puts a smile on my face knowing I can make it easier for my children durin life and after I’m gone.

I usually charge $250 per hour to analyze portfolios.  For the remainder of 2021 I am waiving my fees for anyone that wants me to review what they have or don’t have and to help put you and your family on the right path.

You simply need to visit the website and request I contact you.