Dental Insurance Nevada




Why Us?

We strive to provide the best dental insurance in Nevada.

We want to keep Nevada residents smiling.

When you enroll in a Dental Insurance of Nevada plan you’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of mind, knowing we are offering the best solutions at the best price to meet your expectations.
  • The best way to take care of your teeth is with a Dental Insurance of Nevada Plan.
  • Dental Insurance keeps you smiling when unexpected dental expense comes up.

What Are Dental Savings Plans?

A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a wholesale club. Your annual fee gets you access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork.

Choose from 25+ different plans from the healthcare brands you already know and trust like Ameritas, Cigna, Aetna and more. We offer affordable plans to fit any need and budget. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll save 10-60% on your next visit.

Our plans cover more than 150,000 dentists nationwide. These quality providers have negotiated and agreed to charge reduced fees on the dental services you need. You’ll get the quality care you deserve at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible.

  • Reimbursement Plans: Some dental programs typically permit patients to go to their preferred dental specialist. Upon joining these plans, the amount you will be reimbursed in the early years is limited. These limitations are the result of an agreement between the insurance carrier and the dentist. These limitations are called UCR or Usual and Customery. UCR varries by zip code. A dentist may charge more in California than in Arkansas for the same procedure. The insurance company recognizes this and adjusts what it will cover and pay depending on where you receive the services.
  • Discount Plans: These networks are vast. Many dentists have agreements with insurance companies and you choice of dental office is quite expansive. Discount plans have set procedure schedules and codes. Once the dentist identifies the procedure code that applies to your need, a clear to understand chart outlines exactly how much you will have to pay. There is no reduced reimbursement percentages for those that are fairly new to the plan. There are usually no pre-existing condition clauses either.

Why opt for A Dental Insurance In Nevada Plan?

We simply believe we’re the best dental insurance in Nevada provider. We bend over backwards to ensure that you have access to quality dental insurance. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by considering A Dental Insurance In Nevada Plan are:

  1. Choice of Benefits
  2. Choice of Dentists
  3. Guaranteed Issue
  4. Competitive Pricing

You can enjoy reasonable dental services and medication

While it’s necessary that you brush and floss routinely, it’s also important to make sure you have access to expert professional advice. Since Dental Insurance in Nevada’s focus is on prevention, from time to time a major expense occurs for which you will be happy you have dental insurance. Dental insurance decreases your chance of paying large sums out of pocket. Without a dental plan, you would be responsible for the full cost of your treatment. If you haven’t checked lately, one crown could cost you as much as $1,800.

Delaying Treatment Only Causes More Damage

Like water that erodes a hillside or rock, avoiding necessary dental work only makes things worse. Ordinary preventive tests help prevent catastrophic damage and huge dental expense. Your dentist can distinguish issues early. But you have to schedule the visit. With the help of A Dental Insurance In Nevada Plan, the best is at your fingertips.

Save Time and Money

Retirement Planning Solutions offers some of the best options in the industry. You don’t have to shop around, we did that for you. Thus you save time and money.

Healthy teeth positively affects your general wellbeing. Studies have shown that oral unexpected problems can be related with an expanded danger of coronary illness and numerous other ailments, and furthermore compound diabetes. During an oral exam, your dentist might distinguish signs more serious issues that if left untreated could cause other serious health issues.

Dental insurance makes it a lot easy to ensure your whole family’s continues to smile.