Lifetime Income

Social Security pays you an income you cannot outlive.  It will pay you for the rest of your life but will the checks will stop when you pass away.

What if I told you you could receive money for the rest of your life and your spouse could receive money for the rest of his/her life if you pass first and if there is money left in the account once your spouse passs the money is paid out to your beneficiaries?  Social Security won’t do that.

On top of the income guarantees how about an account that takes advantage of when the market is doing well and protects your principal from loss in bad times?  Crazy huh!

Not really so crazy at all.  Fixed Index Annuities do all this and more.  I don’t care what you may have heard at a cocktail party about annuities.  That’s cocktail talk and not professional advice.

It’s easy to find out if an Index Annuity is right for you.

Revisit the website and request a quote.  We won’t waste your time, we’ll give you a straight answer and we wont’ bug you.  You can decide on your own timeline.